And for once, I’m not nervous about August


Over the last few years, when July would come to a close, I would dread August. For so many reasons to name but mostly because August was always full of disappointment. I’m not sure when it started but I knew the neck pains I felt during the prior years was REAL.

However, I’m excited for the change that I will be continuing to manifest. Although I miss days of routine and priority, I’ve enjoyed the summer and how it’s treating me. I hope to get all these mini trips and evenings spent out in the fall months, but if not, I appreciate the present.

As for the blog, I’d like to revamp and become my truest self maybe one of these days.  I’m having an internal heart to heart with how I feel about this space and revisiting why I come here. Every day I think of this space and potential post, wanting to share my thoughts, and even looking for some of my favorites to return, also when I have nothing to say), I guess I just miss blogging.

I’ll be back, give me a few days, I’m currently writing my next post in my head.

Hello August!

Published by Amanda

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