Where were you in this photo?

The best thing about being in NYC is being able to be the first to go to anything created. This city is made for the creatives. Tonight I was reminded of how fortunate I am to have this access. I love my city to my grave but I still need to give my “future children” a better life than the madness in NYC.

As I sat in the first inaugural podcast show with all the other people who fell inlove with the Black Girl Podcast, the ever so outspoken Scottiebeam pointed to the original podcast photo and asked her friends “where were you in this photo?” Immediately I thought about the photo above and some others in my iPhoto library.

April 24, 2016 :

The other love of my life just turned one. Man I love that kid, he makes my heart melt every time I see him. Prior to his birthday party I stopped by a brunch to meet up with my cousin and a long time friend that was celebrating his birthday too. I remember wanting to keep my outfit very simple and making my lips pop. I felt good in my clothes and I think I was at my healthiest. I later went to participate in with the kiddos at the birthday party. That night I picked up “The love of my life” at the airport. I knew that I would later cuddle in his arms and wake up with him the next morning. That was a good day for me.

However, there’s more. During this time I knew I was experiencing moments of depression for all types of reasons. I was fighting with my parents, the “love of my life” and I were still fighting about us, and my living situation aggravated my soul. But the one thing that made that photo memorable were the morning runs. I worked so hard on my peace why I ran almost every morning. I felt sane, in a way that I’m missing now. I feel like I let everything that happened get the best of me. I went back up a size, my breast are a triple D, and my skin is begging for water.

Thanks to this live podcast, I’m inspired to get like that girl in the photo above. Somewhere in time I forgot to love myself. A little inspiration always helps.

Where were you?

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