Okay so I need y’all to follow me. My favorite part of Mary J. Blige’s Thick of it all is when the beat drops at the end. Why is this important? Well I feel it’s the “you’re not going to stress me out” moment because I start dancing lol.

After a call to ensure the dates in my head weren’t wrong, my home girl and I start talking about her marriage. The difficulty, the fear, the stress, the happiness, and somehow the compromise. Which makes me think of the compromise I’m making in my own life with someone I’m learning how to compromise with.

Doubt is a hell of a thing. But there’s always a way to get through it. No matter the circumstance, there’s always a way. In these moments think of the three P’s :




So let the beat drop and don’t let that shit stress you out.

Wishing you a better day, a good day, a better weekend, and an awesome new week.

⁃ Amanda

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