So at a little after 4 this morning, I jump out of my sleep. I’m in the nightmare part of a breakup. You know, you start dreaming all kinds of things about that person. Not to go into so much detail, at minutes to 5 I tell myself “it’s okay” and I drift back to sleep.

It could be the email I sent to an advisor last night before bed but in this dream, I’m walking on a campus, big trees, well manicured lawn, and a tall bald handsome black man giving directions. I ask him “where can I pick up my degree award?”, and he points to a path and answers “this way you’ll find luck.” I stare at him for a second and I jump out my sleep again.

This time I’m ready to call my cousin Krissy to ask her what that shit means because I have two papers and I’m free! So, they better PRINT! But instead I let the word “luck” soak up in my spirit today. Because I don’t think I’m lucky at all, just a little determined. Ambitious wouldn’t be the right term because lord knows I’m a procrastinator, I don’t believe the two mix.

So today, because I’m feeling a little better than last week, I’m passing on some luck. I would play lotto but the way I owe money, I won’t see it anyway lol.

Have a lucky day loves…….


2 thoughts on “Luck”

  1. That last part!

    I always say I wish I would win the lottery, but I NEVER even bother to buy a ticket. LOL! Maybe since you’re passing luck out, I should just go ahead and buy my first one.


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