To tell the truth,

It’s a gloomy morning. Awkwardly the New York City air smells and reminds of the sea, this is the closest it has felt to springs since spring, the bird are singing and I so badly wanted to know what they were happy about because I wanted to be happy to. 

When I left Ghana, I predicted a pain that would come and only get worse. I didn’t want to come back home to New York because it reminds me of pain. A few days after my return I realized that I had to go. Whenever, however, whatever way possible, but my time here has expired.

I’ve been off this side of my world because of this pain. I’ve lied about it, I’ve tried to avoid it, but I’ve definitely prayed about it.

I just wanted to be clear, since I’m safe here.

Something new is manifesting and I’ll return when it gets a little better, I promise.

Signing out,


Published by Amanda

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