Ghana happened,


For almost two years I spoke about my desire to visit Ghana. One of my closest friends visited Ghana with her spouse and invited me on their next trip some years ago. However, they had a baby and choose not to visit again until their daughter was much older. I played with the idea of going alone for a long time but my year of 2017 prioritize a major debt that would allow me to complete a major goal in 2018 (details in another post). I traveled in the states instead of out the country in 2017 because it was affordable but once I settled my debt later that year I told myself I will make Ghana happen. 

My friend, a friend that I am very friendly with if you get my drift, had visited Ghana earlier 2017 and had so many great things to say, so through him I became intrigued to put my desire to visit into action. I started to research dates, calculated my vacation time usage, and came up with a savings plan to make Ghana happen. Late November of 2017, my friend mentioned that he’ll be in Ghana again and that if I wanted to, we could meet up after he conducted business. I agreed, purchased my ticket within days of the discussion, I was going to make Ghana happen.

As the months passed and in preparation of making Ghana happen, my friend and I didn’t seem like we’d make it for all the ups and downs we were experiencing, all the documentation needed to travel, and the travel medicine needed, I was discouraged. How am I going to make Ghana happen? I continued to pay, apply, and research as the months passed. However, my friend and I had a strong point in our relationship that allowed us to see this next adventure through. Soon after, we discussed our accommodations, came to an agreement to make Ghana happen.

In the midst of a departmental change at work and taking four classes for school, almost 2 weeks before my trip, it seemed as if the consulate didn’t want to give me a visa. But I jumped on the train, headed downtown to the consulate, and picked my shit up because I was going to make Ghana happen. I retrieved my suitcase from my parent’s house, started putting outfits together, because Ghana was happening.

On March 10, my brother and sister in-law drove me to the airport in Washington DC, where I departed for Ghana. I wasn’t nervous, more curious about what I was going to learn or take away from this experience. Ten-hour flight, and no sleep, I arrived in Ghana at 8:30 AM. Getting off the plan reminded me of when I would travel to Jamaica as a child because we would walk on the tarmac/apron to enter the airport. The air smelled different, instantly I was relaxed, and I felt like I belonged here. My airport shuttle awaited my arrival and I observed what a Sunday morning looked like in Ghana through the window of the shuttle, I made Ghana happen.

Another friend introduced me to someone that would show me around the first two days of my trip, that would then turn into a disaster, but this is for another post. My friend comes along around day two, and we experience something with each other that turned into a teaching moment for both of us. I wasn’t able to be a tourist but I did enjoy my time in Ghana. I laughed, I loved, I cried.

It is noon, my check out is at 2:00 PM, I made three new friends from South Africa within the last 24 hours, and I am going to dip my body in the salt water before I officially depart. This trip was emotional to say the least and I gave more of my heart away in Ghana. There’s something about the world that changes you, I have changed for the better.

Until next time…

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4 thoughts on “Ghana happened,

  1. Absolutely LOVED reading this . Furthermore, I’m glad that you were able to make it given all of the circumstances you had to power through. I’m glad it was worth it for you! I can’t wait to hear more from your trip. Ghana is definitely on my list to visit as soon as I can clear up some of this credit card debt. :womp:

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  2. After this trip, I need to clear up my credit card debt too. Hopefully I’ll get a moment to post what really happened in Ghana. That should be fun and telling (covers face emoji).


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