Currently: 4:44, Forgiveness, and The 4th


I could of had a five-day weekend but didn’t think to take off Sunday and Monday of this week but nonetheless, I really enjoyed the days that I had off.


My favorite track is Family Feud but I love the story of OJ. I was just thinking about the conversations that I had with old friends about what it is to survive in America. I AM BLACK and there’s no way around it. My survival is just different and I’m trying to make it. We, those who identify as black, have to work twice as hard. Polish up our grammar to conform, smile through the disrespect, and still fear our own existence. I’m still nigga. Jay talks about building wealth and passing the wealth along through the family. I resonate with this because my parents have worked so hard to up keep their multiple properties and overseas businesses to pass along to my siblings and I. Since my first job, I thought about future and my children, and what assets I’ll gain to pass on to them. Jay shared the concept of purchasing art and It is not a secret that I love art. So, let this align with the universe, I will purchase the fine art of Kerry James Marshall because you heard it here and my deactivated Facebook account sometime in 2016. Lastly, track 4:44, y’all sound bitter, and I’m referencing some of the think pieces that I read since the album was released on Tidal. Now to segue into forgiveness.


Hear me out before someone drags me for this, I been hurt too, currently hurting, currently loving, and will admit if Mister rung my door bell right now, I’ll take him back but not without great exertion. I once told my little sister that she needed to forgive the boy she loved and while she learns to forgive him, forgive herself. Let’s be fair, we all make choices. Beyoncé made her choice by staying, SHAWN deserves the biggest FOHMN (are you following me), but it’s all a choice. You can choose to leave or stay but know which ever option you decide, you must learn from it, forgive not forget, and with GREAT exertion move on. Forgiveness is not easy but it’s possible. I read a piece about how she made her ex into a better man for someone else and hated that they didn’t make it 4:44, girl what? Yes, we all make someone better or worst, but growth is important, and in someway he helped her grow too. No doubt, my ex has helped me grow something tremendous and I believe that I have watch his growth as well. We may not be together but we grew from one another, this allows me to forgive myself for my choices, for anything that hurt, forgive him, with time and GREAT exertion move on.

The 4th

I can’t get away from Brooklyn for too long. I spent the day with friends and their families in the tiny backyard of a gorgeous brownstone in the heart of Brooklyn, on a tree lined block that made me fall in love with Brooklyn all over again. We ate, drank, laughed, and informed the only little person there that at her high school prom all her daddy’s friends will be there to make sure the boy knows we don’t play with our girls.

Any plans for July? How was your weekend?

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