Complaining my way to Self CARE


I’ve spent the last few weeks complaining. I called a friend, we met up for drinks, and I continued to complain. Through sips of my mojito, I asked her to be my accountability partner, because we all need one. But I shouldn’t need an accountability partner to realize that I need to be better about my self care.

Through the eyes of everyone else I lost weight, but not from the difference I feel when I get dressed in the morning. I could blame it on the high heat dryer setting or the extra weight in my hips that make my slacks feel like leggings. Also, I have a lot to learn about natural hair and maintaining it. I had my hair up in a not-so-tight bun with edges in need of control and to top it off, my eyebrows were begging for thread. Adding more insult to my appearance, due to the new minimal journey I’ve been on, I threw out half my clothes and shoes and whatever is left I wanted to throw out too, I haven’t found the courage to step into a clothing store to purchase a new top/dress/shoes because (lately) I’m cheap.

The good thing is that although I complain and cry about it or pray on it, I actually GET SHIT DONE.

Due to my awkward work schedule last week that consisted of earlier days, I slept in extra late on Friday morning and later on tackled the one thing that I needed to start my self care regimen again; organizing my closet. Since I moved into my apartment, it was the only place that I did not spend time organizing, so I decided to get it out the way, take inventory, and figure out what I need to add to my wardrobe. Much wasn’t thrown out this time around but I can actually see what I have which brings me pure JOY. Saturday, I washed my hair, blow dried, and went to my local African hair salon, got my classic two braids, and left the salon feeling like a new woman! Doing my hair as always been a confidence booster. While getting my air conditioner to my apartment, I stopped by my threading salon and got these brows done. Only thing not done are my nails but come Friday, I’ll be “normal” again.

I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the transition of seasons, the change of emotions I’m feeling right now or whatever else, but losing sight of the simple things are easy. Self care is important and finding the things that genuinely bring you joy should always be first on the list of your self care practices.

How was your weekend and how do you practice self care?




P.S. I promise I’ll buy shoes this week!


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2 thoughts on “Complaining my way to Self CARE

  1. One of the things that I believe is most important in a woman’s life is self care. We go through things and one of the things that we seem to neglect is ourselves. I’m glad to see that you’re considering this to be a priority, because it is!

    I’m still trying to gain a foothold on this natural hair thing, and it’s been about 6 years since I decided to go natural. I messed my hair up twice in this time with heating tools. I felt like I was getting nowhere with the process. I was buying all of the wrong products as well. Seems that a lot of natural hair shampoos and conditioners weren’t working for me. The only ones that seem to work well for me are Tresemme and Garner Fructis products, go figure. Once I figured this out, I started noticing a significant change in my hair. I’m getting there, though.

    Over the last year, I have gained 28 lbs. In my case, though, this is a really good thing because I was just a skinny little thing. It wasn’t until I actually started practicing better self care that I gained the weight though. My eating habits are better than they use to be and I’m finding myself to be a lot less stressed. Because of my weight gain though, I had to toss a lot of clothes. Over the last year I’ve pretty much replaced my wardrobe though. I’ve bought clothing that would still fit if I gained a bit more weight but my plan is to simply maintain the weight I’m at currently.


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