Inspired and Obsessed

I did mention in earlier post that I deactivated my personal social media accounts except the @sheconquered_ Instagram account. I guess I need to be a little in the social loop. 

Well as of lately, I’ve been inspired or a little obsessed with the following on IG:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Because of her if I should ever get married, my husband has to understand the importance of getting my dress from Lagos, Nigeria. Chimamanda fashion style is alllllllll African inspired and it is AMAZING. I have kente cloth from Ghana that I want to have made into a few pieces but every time I think I’m about to start the process I want to make something else. I also have a dress my friend brought back from Ghana earlier this year that I’m excited to wear for Curlfest 2017. I must say, she has me INSPIRED!
Insta Stories – I do not follow any of my friends or family on my sheconquered_ Instagram page, and I’ll explain this at some point next year when I do return to my personal pages. However, anyone I do follow gives me inspiration. Because I don’t know these people personally, there’s no comparison. Does that make sense? I get a kick out of watching some of the stories before I go to bed at night, it’s sometimes all the entertainment and inspiration I need to end my day.
H. E. R. And Sza – I love music that is nostalgic. Take a listen and tell me what you think?

Smoothies – Thanks to a friend of mine, I now own a magic bullet. I’ve been researching smoothie recipes so I can add it to my diet. Getting ready for a wedding at the end of the year and #year29, so I have to get snatched! Any suggestions? 

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