So, Let’s talk

I don’t have cable but I do own an Apple TV. If I care to watch anything, it’s usually YouTube. I don’t share much about my YouTube obsession but I’ll let you in on what I watch; family vlogs, pregnancy updates (no, not pregnant just always curious), hair/make-up (hair more than make-up), and lately I’m into UK vloggers.

What I did notice about UK vloggers is that their food options seem much healthier. Yes, Western Culture loves to supersize shit, but we don’t have to always eat supersized. I had this conversation with someone some weeks ago about serving sizes and it’s disgusting. Are the any size $1 soft drink at McDonald’s really worth it?  Nah. The sweet tea is sometimes heavenly on the warmest of days but you can opt for a better option at home. It does take time and patience to start meal prepping and stuff but it can be done.

I can list right now all the fatty food that I eat in rotation or when I force myself to treat myself to one of these items that my body doesn’t need, I say this to say, I’m not the healthiest but once a day we can choose to eat a little better.
Excluding the waffles with a light drizzle of maple syrup on the plate, usually I’ll eat one egg fried in olive oil with sea salt/pepper, and half of an avocado almost every morning. The tomatoes dressed in oil and vinegar was an extra since I had half the tomatoes the night before. I have tea every morning using around 2 teaspoons of cane sugar. I sometimes incorporate fruit with my breakfast, but if I don’t want fruit in the morning, I make sure I have it for lunch.
All I’m talking about is eating a bit healthier.

So, Let’s talk, what strides have you taken to eat a little bit healthier?

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One thought on “So, Let’s talk

  1. I've always had a problem with the amount of bread I consume. I love bread — LOVE it, & cheese. But, I've begun to eat whole grain breads & natural cheeses, like Tillamook.

    I also try to eliminate sweets. Still haven't gotten rid of it entirely, but I do tend to grab a fruit over a brownie.

    I'm a work in progress.


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