Becoming a Minimalist

This is a mix of my apartment tour and my path to minimalism story.

If you’re a reader, you’ll know that over the last two years, I had moved from the place that I grew up aka my parents house to my own place I now call home. First, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment that I shared with my cousin. Very large bedroom, big closet, with lots of windows, but living with that man was close to HELL. I never cohabitated except for the time my ex-boyfriend allowed me to crash with him for a couple of days out the week for a few months (that was long) but even that was different although I love me some him. In these experiences, I knew I needed my own space. With an abrupt move out of my cousin’s house to being temporarily back at home, shit got real.


I through some things in a bag, went to Home Depot to buy a large plastic tote to store clothing, and went on my merry way. But this move was different from my initial move out of my parent’s house. I didn’t have furniture. I had a large suitcase that I had my everyday clothing in that I brought with me everywhere before I settled by my cousin. I remember my ex-boyfriend being frustrated with me for carrying that large suitcase around when I could just keep it by him. Most of my other things were kept in storage before the move. But here I was again, back at storage but with more items that I had no clue I owned.
While at my parent’s house, I had a small duffle this time, and a laundry basket full of clothing. I had my car that I used to store things in as well. I finally secured a one-bedroom apartment that unfortunately had one closet in the entire apartment! By now, I was ready to scream! Don’t you just love a classic New York City apartment? I went to Ikea the first couple of weekends that month to find storage options but I’m a craigslist shopper, so I couldn’t find the right piece to purchase. But GOD had other plans! Less than a month later, I got a call from a management agency for an apartment that was much more convenient for me, 10 minutes away from work via public transportation, and BRAND NEW EVERYTHING! Hell yes I took it. However, here I was moving again.
Christmas of 2016, I spent all day packing again. This was when I knew, something had to give.

Minimalism, here I come. I moved into my new apartment and started throwing everything that I hadn’t used or seen the year prior in the trash, I donated lots of clothing to my local salvation army, and organized as much as I could within the day I moved.


So about becoming a minimalist, I didn’t need a book to get on board and neither do you. A change in environment can make a huge difference. Seriously, LESS IS MORE. I can tell you about everything I own, and want to donate. Currently at the sixth month mark of living in my current apartment, I am about to purge my closet again. It’s the only place in my house that I consistently purge from. As you can see, I don’t have much but I have what I need in my apartment that makes it comfortable for me. They say that wearing 10 items for 90 days is minimalism, but that’s for some not all. I just believe that controlling what you bring into your home matters. Speaking from experience, start with the small stuff,

  • the classic junk draw
  • paper pile/ junk mail
  • your closet, and so on.

Letting go of things that truly no longer serve a purpose are taking the steps to living a minimalist lifestyle.

PS: don’t for the medicine cabinet


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