So, Let’s talk.

I’ve never done a series but I’m starting one today. So, Let’s Talk.

Today during my work hours, I utilized the time to catch up on some blog reading and podcast. As I listened and read, the topics were all about transition. I spoke about my transition last year and being in that transitional phase. I think we are forever evolving. We must continue to be. I think I’m a bit stuck on, when does things become comfortable enough for the transition to phase out?  In regards to my personal life, my life in New York City right now, thousands of people would die for, but I’m not content. It’s like I want what I want and I want it now, but that’s not how God plans. If that were the case, most of things that have come into fruition over the course of a year would’ve been aligned years’ prior had it been his plan. Like Auntie Zora said “There are years that ask questions and years that answer”. I know this, because I believe it, but damn it’s becoming hard. I’m almost done with undergrad, which I would’ve loved to had completed 8 years ago, but look at life, I want my husband already (I met him already and I love him already), I want to buy a house OUT OF NEW YORK CITY (this shit is as expensive as living in Palo Alto), and I want the career move that I will be the most impactful. I purposely deactivated my social media accounts because I get caught in the snippets of other peoples lives that tell a different kind of story. I’m sure they’re transitioning too but damn why does mine seem harder? I’ll say this before I drink this tea, we gotta hold each other down and let God lead us.

Let’s talk, can you relate?

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