Something Like an UPDATE

Did anyone remember ground hog day? I sure didn’t.
February came and on it’s last day, it’s gone. The month wasn’t as smooth sailing as the time felt but I survived.
Nope, I did nothing for Valentines day because I’m a working woman and the night differential that I am being paid meant more than switching my schedule for a date with someone I could care less to see again. Yes, I am that honest at times. Everyone loves fun but these days, dating is intentional, so I’m not wasting time.
In prior post, and the only other post in February, I was in Chi-town the weekend before Valentine’s day. Pretty City but not for me. The New Yorker in me just appreciates New York sometimes. I never like to compare a city, but my Uber drivers kept comparing it to New York. As I seen Chicago, I realized my drivers haven’t seen New York due to their false comparisons. It’s just different.
Back to my regular life, I’m trying to finish school strong. Submitted a final last week, started two other courses, and I’ll be taking two more classes in May. I’m just getting this done so I can gear up for my next move. I’ll speak this into the universe later in the year.
I should be completing a paper now, but I’m searching for flights. With the schedule that I have, staying in on weekends are a thing of the past. I allow myself the time I need to reset, sometimes you just need to reset. Where to next? ATL, New Orleans, The Bay, Texas, Chicago, maybe Maryland since I’m an Aunt now. Or I could randomly fly to a city that has some charm like Savannah, Georgia. Decisions, Decisions. 

How was your February?

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