Chicago: Not in Pictures

Life has been good.
I have God, I have food, I have a home, and I have a job.
BUT, I needed a reset.
So, I jumped online and started to search around for flight prices. I contemplated Atlanta because my friend that I’ve been trying to visit all summer of 2016 is there, but Atlanta didn’t quite make it for me. I considered Cincinnati because I was trying to move to Ohio at some point last year but that didn’t quite make the cut either. Hmmm, Chicago? At under $200 round trip and a hotel for about the same price, under $400 for a mini trip, I’m gamed. Usually, I hear the warmer weather option choice but I wanted to experience the windy city COLD. It’s unusual because I’m not fond of the cold and I’m a New York City resident, so I should be use to it already, right? Nah.
I barely told anyone because I wanted to do this on my own and people would invite themselves on my trip, which happened once people found out I wasn’t in New York. I packed my cute blue duffle by Wednesday, so I was prepped to leave first thing Friday morning, but due to a little bit of snow, my flight was canceled. Stressed as all hell, I contacted Delta and my hotel to make arrangements to extend my trip. All went well and I was on time for departure Saturday morning.
Okay, I’ll make this simple, It’s a very clean and pretty city, lots of steak restaurants or whatever (Issa Voice), BUT I wouldn’t visit again. Only if I marry someone who has family in Chicago or for business. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone’s city, but we all have opinions.

So yeah, that’s my February so far.
Have you visited Chicago, if so what did you like or dislike about the windy city?

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