Fear, Being Honest about It

Yesterday, after laying in bed for an extra 30 minutes, called the transitchek company to inquire about my metro card (which was an unsuccessful call), snuggles into my purple robe, bathroom visit, heads into the kitchen to make a fried egg with waffles and a cup of tea, I sat and watched my daily dose of YouTube and had breakfast.
If you call and hear my television, I’m most likely watching YouTube. I’m obsessed. It’s been this way for awhile. I’m subscribed to family, hair, and vlogging channels. That’s the stuff I care to see because it’s refreshing to not see the ratchet happenings of the stuff displayed on cable. 
This morning I watched a self love/inspirational video about joy. What struck a cord was the question, what is your biggest fear? Amongst joy is fear, sometimes. With deep thought, here it is,
I fear love, that someone may never choose me, and love me completely. 

I fear motherhood, because I doubt myself in that role and wonder if I’ll be a good mother. 

I fear struggle, struggling seems like a thing of the past but some days it doesn’t seem too far away. 
With these thoughts in mind, I kept reminding myself that fear is normal and so is resilience. 
What do you fear? 

What have you Conquered today?

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