October was one of those months that I taught myself to learn from but forget. I compare October to elementary school. Why? Because I was bullied and if you asked me anything from elementary school, I cannot remember, and I refuse to try. October will be blocked out of my memory so if anyone ever asks me about October of 2016, I’ll say something along the lines of “pardon, who, when, not sure, next?”. Right.
Highlights of October:
Yesterday, I looked and felt like shit, but the cashier at the gas station (that’s always trying to have small talk) tells me how amazing I look without make-up, um thanks (I accepted his compliant). One of the kids in the shelter made me a basket for Halloween and filled it with Butter Finger chocolate bars. The last guy I dated paid enough attention to know how much I love them. This made my day and opened up my love reel.
Over the weekend, I actually went to the movies. I don’t like the movies but I went. Discuss the film? Nah. I have a lot to say but I will not be the one publishing a think piece.
Goals for November:
I made a major decision that completely compromises my peace of mind that allows me to save. Budgeting is a different story. Shit happened, and I choose. So, now that my money is different, I need to budget because other big things are in the works. I’ll be reading a few financial blogs during this month. With all the sacrifices, I’m actually blessed for this opportunity, even if my peace of mind is compromised. I’ll talk about all the big things that happened and are coming my way in December!
I guess I shouldn’t bring this up but I gained 10 pounds (as per the scale in my parents house), and I’m not happy about it. Back to running, my Nike training app, and dieting.
Undergraduate. These are the busy months and two of my classes will be ending. I hustled up and decided to go full time this semester because from the looks of things, your girl should be finished by next semester. But it doesn’t stop, I’ll be studying the GRE for grad school in the next couple of months. Prayers until I get there.
My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite”.
When I am highly frustrated, I prefer to be alone. I sometimes don’t know how to communicate my frustrations because I keep them in and when I do this, and try to communicate how I feel, I blow up. Every now and then, I’m reminded of my last blow up at the end of July that haunts me in my dreams. What I’ve learned is that emotional intelligent is learned and regardless, no one deserves my aggression. Which means that I still have a lot of growing to do. I apologize when I’m wrong but instead of apologies, I can learn to express myself better. So let’s just say, these days are frustrating and I’m exercising saying what it is that is frustrating me to my friends/peers, and it’s working. (Taps myself on the back) I’m just trying to break some habits.
More to Conquer 

– Amanda 

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