11:10 AM

Searching for a new dresser or I’m going to buy an old one and refinish it. I need to revamp my space.

Wanting to post about all the great that has happened BUT what I am learning is to keep things to myself until it is written in permanent INK.

Listening to Drake – Stupid in Love, why? Because it’s playing from my YouTube music app, never knew this song existed until now.

Missing out on Pink nail polish for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have not done my nails since August. I’m not going through anything, just saving money for November.

I’m attempting at transitioning to natural hair. It’s been a year since I relaxed my hair. I’ve always been good at caring for my hair but I think this transition is going to challenge me.

I’m an Aunt now! Yayy, I say this with little excitement, because “The other love of my life” (Bradley, my one year old God son) is expensive. So, I’m not going to be able to keep my composure when I see cute girl stuff to buy for my niece, now to add her to my monthly budget. It’s a good thing I budget and I’m a good saver because lord knows these children are expensive.

Hopefully I can share my excitement for all the amazing things that have manifested in the month of September soon.

See you soon,

– Amanda



What have you Conquered today?

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