Monday: Tea, Bantu knots, and Sugar Scrub

I walked back into the house at approximately 10:30 pm from work. When duty calls you leave your dinner on the table, jump in your car, and drive back to the chaos. This type of shit comes with the career, so I adjust and keep working.

I’m transitioning to natural hair because I cannot remember the last time I relaxed my hair. This is going to be a new challenge. My hair is long and I’ve never been able to manage it on my own but this year I am going to master it. My bantu knots are decent for a beginner.
To close out the day, I shower, wash the stress away, and coat my skin with Bath and Body’s aromatherapy Lavender and Vanilla sugar scrub. Just like the label, this thing puts me to sleep. But before I go to bed, I have my usual cup of black tea, two sugars, and milk.
Hopefully the rest of the week is smooth sailing.

How was your Monday?

Published by Amanda

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