Hello October

2:08 AM, I received a private call last night at this time, and is curious as to who ever is calling me must not know me. I do not do calls after 11:00 PM. I believe in rest. God, I hope that wasn’t important.
I ended September moody. I ate curry puffs and went to sleep around 6:00 PM, and it’s the reason why I’m currently up. I’m taking a big step today and I’m not sure when I’ll share this information but eventually, I guess.
The weather in New York, lets just say I plugged in my space heater. I do not function well when it’s cold. If you know me, you know, I LOVE tea. I’d take a cup of tea over food any day. I’ve been drinking about 5-6 cups of tea per day. I was gifted tea from David’s Tea, when an old friend went to San Francisco, that will need a tea strainer, and I know I should’ve purchased it when I seen a cute one in HomeGoods, maybe next weekend.
I received the “thing” I was praying for a few weeks ago. GOD IS GOOD. This will be discussed in a later post. October is just October. There’s some significance this month, but I’ll allow it to be a memory. I’ll be celebrating my grandmother’s birthday and my Dad’s. Should be attending a conference at the end of the month, it’s a great way to get out of the city for a little while.
Before I go back to bed, Y’all need to have “A Seat at the Table”, I’ve listened to Solange’s entire album and currently am killing my phone battery as it is on repeat.  

Hello October, what blessings will you bring me?

Published by Amanda

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