About last week,

Maybe it was the gloomy/rainy weather that lasted the entire week. Or maybe it started on Saturday night after having another heart breaking conversation that never fails to bring me to tears. Or maybe it was the stress I was feeling about finals week. Or maybe it was just a bad week.
Sunday | I laid in bed for majority of the day because I was numb. I didn’t want to move. Didn’t have much to say. Play backs of all the things that once made you happy, that now make you regret, but begging yourself to forget. But it doesn’t quite happen that way. The mind.
Monday | The teenager who’s been missing from my facility for over a month decided to return. With terrible news. So for a few hours, I had to make her aware that I am here to help. Which added on a shit load of paperwork and contacting the city to provide all updates. How fun and time consuming.
Tuesday | My printer at work decided that it wanted to stop working. Completely throws me off because work has become a major distraction from my thoughts. But instead, I’m forced to sit in my office and think. Scroll through blogs and think.
Wednesday | I almost get arrested on my way to work. Yup, I’ll leave this right here.
Thursday | I reach my limit. I have a complete emotional breakdown as I was driving home from work. Cried like a baby in my car.
Friday | No printer. The day seemed like it wanted to take forever to get to 5:00 PM. All I wanted was to take myself home. Finally get home and attempt to sleep at 6:30 PM. GOD, didn’t want me to do such a thing. So I was up at 2:00 AM praying.
Saturday | Worked out, because its been such a long time. Took one final, decent grade. Went to celebrate new life with a friend at her baby shower, and went home to pray, so I could sleep.
Simple week, yet the emotions of the week had me on the edge. I’m only sharing this because I had to think about my week and the things I’ve learned through the emotions. I hate having feelings. That shit gets me in trouble. However, its my nature, so its okay. My emotional break down was more about how am I able to be so together for everyone else when deep down I’m in crisis. It was as if, every day, I was a therapist. My colleague shared with me that the death of her first child haunts her, and I’m offering advice as if I’m a parent, but all I wanted to do was hug her and cry. But the professional in me knew better. So instead, I prayed for her through eyes full of tears in my car that night. I sometimes wonder why I am placed in these positions. But sometimes we are here to help some else get better, teach them the ropes, show them that love exist, and so on.  

This week so far has been good to me, I’ve conquered yet another one.

What have you Conquered today?

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