11:33 AM, sitting at my desk at work, reading blogs due to my printer having a network issue, there’s not much I am able to do today.

I am super hungry but my stomach has been bothering me for a few days now so I am afraid to eat food. They only have greasy Chinese food to offer where I am located and I rather not.

Listening to nothing. I decided that I needed some quiet time. Usually I’d be playing an informative podcast but I need silence. I am living through my thoughts right now and it’s a needed.

Excited about my upcoming trip to Washington, DC. Although I said that I can’t make any trips happen for the rest of the year, this is a local trip I guess, so the expense won’t kill me at all.

I recently looked over my expenses and praise myself for the saving I’ve been doing. I have a plan in mind for my finances, but with life’s everyday ups and downs, it does alter. However, I think I might be on schedule for the moment.

I’m not as amused as I’d like to be about an upcoming interview but I have learned to no longer turn down interviews. It’s needed for growth. It helps me practice my charisma.

Last but not least, I am working on a few posts for the month of May. April’s festivities didn’t allow me to do much on the blog. However, I’ll have more time in May. I’m doing one summer class and will be enjoying my summer as planned. Exploration NYC is in full effect!

What’s currently happening with you?

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