It’s the fourth day in April. Which means I am 7 days away from my arrival to earth. I was born this month. Another opportunity to start the “new year”. But no big changes really. I’m sticking to the original script.
Today is gloomy and raining. This weather calls for a good cup of tea, a foot rub, a good movie, and well other adult things. But instead, I’ll do my home work and get in bed early. My body is trying to recover from my simple weekend. I feel like I’ve been lifting weights, my entire body feels sore. Rest is always good.
Pertaining to work, I’m at a new site, and I am not doing anything at the moment. I’m bored. It’s so bad that I created a Snap chat account, I’m looking at social media all day to entertain myself, and my phone is dying every few hours. I know the work load will start on Thursday but I need to do something now.
April will have two mini getaways that I am excited about.
First, Jamaica. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there. Last I went was for a funeral and I couldn’t bother to return again. For many years that was the purpose of my trips to Jamaica. Burying my loved one. This year I need to get over my fear. When my maternal grandmother passed away, apart of my world vanished. I was only able to see her for about a good three minutes before they laid her to rest. The last time I visited, anxiety was an understatement when I had to drive past her resting space. I didn’t get out the car, I couldn’t handle it. So this year, and now that some time has passed, I’m going to say hello, tears and all.
My second trip, well it’s undecided. I am positive that when I return from Jamaica, that I’ll want to get away again. I’m doing this trip alone. It won’t be far. Maybe jump on the Amtrak and go to DC. I’ve been meaning to go for a long time now. I’ll look up an Airbnb and see if I like that option or, get a nice hotel and do room service. If that doesn’t work out, staycation it is. Hotel in the city sounds cool too.
I hope I can get some reading done during this month. I finished Jojo Myers, You Before Me, and let’s just say that I am completely in my feelings. I cried after I finished that book. What a perfect way to resurface feelings? Well it will be in theaters in June, so I’ll be crying again. If your into love novels and believing that your partner should bring the best out in you, please read this book.
Anything exciting happening in April?


What have you Conquered today?

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