A Reminder

I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a post about birthdays and career advancement announcements. Love seeing positive post. I was about to like the photo until I noticed a familiar face. I couldn’t pin point who the face was but after much thought, it came to me, all I could say in that moment was, “I am truly happy for her”. She’s a blogger that I’d been following for some years now. I remember her pain through her post. They weren’t as descriptive due to the right of privacy, but it was enough to understand her pain. From family issues, to heartbreak, to divorce, and now she has found love again.
When I first started blogging, I utilized the platform to get my thoughts out. This blog has changed more than enough times to remember, I have deleted numerous post, went on hiatus, but still always wanted to return. When I searched and found other bloggers during my not so happy moments, their post helped uplift me. I read things about health, beauty, children, cooking, relationships, life, and love. Blogging helped me find some of the answers to some of my unanswered questions. Gave me a different prespective.
Blogging is a little reminder of how it has help me through something’s. It has always been therapy. Although I was on hiatus last year, I remember what April was like. I told someone I loved them on April 1st (no April fools), finally found somewhere to live, turned 26 years old, accepted a new job that gave me a career boost, and meet “the other love of my life” who turns One on April 24th (which ironically, is another not so forgetful day that was associated with disappointment, but I’ll keep it discreet).
A whole year later, and its feels different. Melancholy, maybe. I was able to view a little bit of my world through my words as I revisited old post. Although I didn’t say much, because I couldn’t due to the space I was in, what ever was left to reference has taught me a lot. This platform I have designed to express myself in whatever space I am in during which ever part of my life I may be in as well. I enjoy it, and I won’t be stopping anything soon. I may go on hiatus from time to time but I’ll be here.
This is why I blog.

What have you Conquered today?

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