Sundays : B R O O K L Y N

Today, I jumped on the train and headed to Brooklyn. I have a love/hate relationship for Brooklyn. For good, bad, and indifferent reasons but I just can’t ever stay away from Brooklyn for too long. After my trip to California last year,  I learned to get over the fear of doing things alone. So whenever I want to do something now, I just get up and go! Today’s adventure was the Brooklyn Museum.  

I had been meaning to see the KAWS exhibit for some time now but every time I ask someone to come with me, it seems like its a hassle. Today I was suppose to be seeing the exhibit with a friend but they didn’t wake up on time. So what to do? GO by yourself. I asked an onlooker to snap a photo because this was the purpose of the visit! For a second I didn’t want to walk around the museum but I decided I had nothing to lose. The two hour train commute was real! So I was going to make my trip worth it. 

My love for furniture and interior designed had me in the 19th century exhibits for longer than I anticipated. The fabric on the couch and chairs were gorgeous. Giving me ideas for my house.
The modern art was fun. I’d like to hopefully go to the MoMa in a few weeks, when school starts to slow down. I have a thing for the arts.
I didn’t have breakfast and my body was reminding me of that. All that walking made me hungry. If you’re anything like me, you prefer the low key, old, no name spots.  I didn’t notice it at first but, the name was hidden in the window. Tom’s on Washington Avenue in Crown Heights.
I decided to do breakfast. It was late in the afternoon, so I guess you can consider it Brunch. I didn’t finish my meal. One pancake had me ready to fall asleep. I recommend for a quick and affordable breakfast. 
I’m ready for more days like this. I told my best friend that I might dedicate my summer to touring the city. I’m from New York and I really don’t explore it much. There’s so much to do. I have nothing but space and opportunity, as long as I am ready for the challenge, it can be done. 
How was your weekend?

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