I woke up and had my tea before my commute. That was refreshing. I laid in bed for longer than I knew I was suppose to be in the bed for, but due to my 10 hour day on Friday, I have no problems taking a half hour back.

I told myself I won’t let my Sunday flow into my Monday.  Yesterday, I had to replace my car battery, repair a broken nail that I assumed was fixed 6 hours earlier then needed to preform surgery at 12 am, and took hours to eat because my brunch date was canceled. I woke up in pain and when I’m stressed my neck hurts. But not today Satan. 
Currently bumping Mr. Bryson Tiller in my headphones while looking at the beautiful faces on the train. 
It finally feels like a New York Winter. Today will be good. 

One thought on “Today”

What have you Conquered today?

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