Day 8 of Honesty

I’ve always been a loner. My favorite thing to do is sit in my room in complete silence. Turn my phone off, no television, no computer, and be all by myself. But these days have been the ultimate anti-loner phase lately. 
I actually avoid my own thoughts. They put me in a place that I find myself running from more times than some. I’m never afraid of my thoughts but I’ve realized how afraid of my emotions lately. It wasn’t that apparent until someone told me how alike we were about our emotions. He would run like no other, I’d support his running yet criticize him in the same breathe. However, when it came down to me running, I’d be upset about his criticism. 
Not one person ever likes to hear the solid truth even when they know it. It’s human to have feelings and display emotions. What I keep telling myself is to stop questioning all these trials and tribulations. What is for me is for me. What’s not for me won’t be. So don’t focus on what doesn’t and do what you can. 

Day 8 of Honesty, it’s okay to be alone in thought, you are human Amanda.

What have you Conquered today?

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