Day 7 of Honesty

It’s never easy getting over something that hurt you. Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends and family to revert my mind about all that hurts in my personal life. Some days I’m sadder than others but then I think about all the love from my family and friends. 
When you’re passionate about anything, your emotions will run high. There’s nothing wrong with having emotions. It’s okay. This is what I keep telling myself. I’ve gotten over unwanted emotions time after time. But avoiding how I feel is what I’m trying to overcome. 
I’ve always been the type to avoid anything that can hurt me. But I need disappointment to teach me lessons, guide me to my blessings, and show me that life has it’s ups and downs always. 

Day 7 of Honesty, this too shall pass, it’s okay to experience hurt. 

Published by Amanda

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