Day 9 of Honesty

I want it all! I want to take over the world. No doubt about it! I want my name to light up the sky. 
My best friend and I spoke the other day and I told her that some days I question my progress. I could never settle for the next ‘option’. I’ve always been able to seek my greater potential out of any situation. 
I think as of today, I’m in a place in my life that is ready for my moment of rapid change. Every so often, whenever my comfort levels change, I do. Gone with the wind, I sway as I seek the next best position. My potential is always greater than an option. I seek growth in everything I do. When I know that something is no longer ‘Fitting’ I’m gone. 
This has more to do with a career change, and I’m ready for that move.

Day 9 of Honesty, I’m too great for this shit, I’m striving for MVP.

Published by Amanda

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