Day 31 of Honesty

As this has officially been the most difficult thing to keep up with, I have tried my best and done what I said I wanted to complete in the the beginning of the month. 

Everyday there was a different emotion going through my body. 
I wish that everyday I would’ve been able to keep up with these post so that more of my honesty would be a lot clearer.
But for those you have taken the time to read, thank you. 
Day 31 of honesty, There are more truths than 31 days. 

Day 30 of Honesty

Day 1 Of Honesty,

I shared a little story about my last love.

Do I miss him? Yes, and everyday.

Would I try again? Probably not, but I am always open to change.

Have I been a little better since? Yes.

I believe that what is for me, will be for me.

One day, I will find the love I deserve.

Every obstacle is a lesson in my eyes. I try to never ponder on anything that use to hurt me. I just learn from it.

Although it is human nature to question someones motives, it is also satisfying to seek the understanding in this just might not be for you.

Day 30 of Honesty, Trust love one more time, and always one more time.

Day 29 of Honesty


The last two months have been eye opening at work. I learn so much each and everyday as I connect with strangers. My impact on the lives that I serve are greater the task that sometimes over takes me.

The women help to understand myself a little bit more. That they too came from many obstacles, and a few that they are currently battling but still manage to have hope.

The sacrifice that they take from themselves to that their children are feed everyday is something that I should one day understand.

My choices, they can too be mistakes, and that it is okay. As long as I learn from it.

Day 29 of Honesty, life wasn’t meant to be perfect.