Day 12 of Honesty

Visiting Hours,
I woke up this morning wanting to say Hi to you. Just ask you if you had your tea and what did you eat for breakfast, how the weather is, and what book you’d be reading today. 
Talk to you about life and how I need your wisdom. Ask you about stories that you might have experienced. Be my voice of reason. Tell me that it will be okay. Tell me that as long as I keep praying things will come together. Teach me things about the bible that you lived by. Scream, laugh, and cry with me. I miss you but heaven doesn’t have visiting hours.
It tears me to pieces to write this because it’s been some years now and yet I still can’t understand. Maybe I never will. It was your time. It’s his work. You were tired. You’re now pain free. 
Today I quietly celebrate a woman that has been a part of my astonishing development. She is my angel.

Day 12 of Honesty, dream me tonight lady.

Published by Amanda

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