Day 11 of Honesty

Clean House,
Living on the east coast has its perks. Being from New York makes it even more exciting but the seasonal changes are what frustrate me the most. I’m born in April, so I’m a spring baby. That being said, winter and I have a love/hate relationship.
The season change calls for the PURGE! I get to throw out all that I avoided last year and whatever I assumed would fit me over time. Cleaning house usually assist with my thought process of cleaning up life as well. It’s the best way to clear the mind. You find things that make you smile, that make you frown, that make you cry, and things that make you realize that things aren’t that bad. 
I work in the social services sector in a homeless shelter for single woman. Some of my things I’ll be donating to my ladies. Being able to help the next woman to advancement is why the cleaning process always helps. 
If you’re in New York and would like to donate, send me an email! 

Day 11 of Honesty, cleaning house for the better. 

Published by Amanda

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