Day 13 of Honesty

No Control,
I was having a conversation with a friend, and he said to me that he would stress over a lot of things he knew he had no control over. He even shared that some of his past relationships failed due to him stressing over situations that he couldn’t control. He was ready to seek differences in his self because he no longer wanted to stress about things he couldn’t control.
Just last year, I was in a place of reconstructing myself. I had been stressing over things that I truly don’t remember now. It was a lot to get around and I knew it affected my thought process, the way I carried myself, and my progress to get to my next goals. 
I knew that I no longer wanted to feel this way. The things that I couldn’t control were controlling me. I despised the feeling or even the thought of all of that happening. I needed to cope with whatever the hell the issue was and that I did. I sat in silence some days and thought of all the things that I personally couldn’t do to change anything, then realized it was me, so said, so done. I had to let it all go in the universe to deal with. 
A year later, and the current pain in my neck, some things still stress me but not enough to take my sanity.

Day 13 of Honesty, You just don’t have control and that is okay. 

Published by Amanda

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