25 Things About ME!

This post was inspired by my birthday which was April 11th. I’m finally 25!  An age I always wondered about. Who would I be? What will I be doing? What have I accomplished by this age? Who will I be with? Millions of unanswered questions. But, I’m here and I’m like what the f*ck? Nothing’s changed but a little bit and I’m absolutely comfortable with that. Life wasn’t meant to work in our favor. So here are 25 things that I know for sure are true to my 25 years of life. 
1. My favorite song is Donnie Hathaway – A song for you. I might have been 17 when I seen Disappearing Acts the HBO movie, and when this song played I never forgot it. Absolutely adore it. 
2. My favorite movie is Waiting to Exhale. I was too young to really understand the sisterhood until I got older and the things that I’ve been through as well as my best friends, boy is it something to have a sisterhood support system behind you. 
3. I’m sure I shared this before, I’m from Jamaican decent. But I’m American born. 
4. I love Oreo cookies. I can kill the whole package by myself. 
5. I love Essence Online’s Bridal Bliss column. It’s not the idea of marriage that excites me honestly, it’s the story attached to the pictures. Melts my little heart. 
6. My top weight was 220lbs. Im 5’6 so it seemed portioned. I must say it was the worst I ever felt. I couldn’t shop because I avoided mirrors. Look if you want to change you just have to work. I’m currently 180+. I haven’t checked my weight but I’m working y’all!!!! 
7. I’m rough on the outside but going through my iTunes I’m a punk. I listen to everything sentimental. Slow jams just sooth me.
8. I’m the second middle child. I have a sister right above me for my father and it’s 5 of us, and three for my mother. Figure it out. So allegedly I suffer from middle child syndrome. Assuming so because I’m secretive and to myself most of the time: My mother is crazy. That’s her theory. 
9. I love Tea! I can have tea on the hottest day in the summer and still be able to function adding that extra temperature to my body.
10. I’m a watch fanatic. I don’t own many but I take pride in buying watches. Or I can see a great watch a mile away. There’s nothing like a well dressed man and a watch to compliment him. 
11. I get my nails done every week. I guess it’s something to know. I feel weird when they’re not done. (ie : right now)
12. I’m addicted to YouTube. I was gifted an Apple TV from my friends and now my addiction has gotten worst. Lol 
13. I love art. I don’t believe I’m as artistic as other but I adore the passion seen through many artist.
14. I’m a loner. I don’t mean to be but I believe in over crowding someone. So that’s my excuse for my disappearing acts. And that’s how the cookie crumbles.
15. I’m inlove with interior design. I can stand in the pharmacies magazine section for hours looking through Architectural Digest. 
16. Not a cereal junkie but want to make me happy get me caption crunch with crunch berries. It’s not helping my diet but oh well. 
17. I have a bag fetish. Buttttt, I don’t own many because I have self control. Lol or I just don’t make as much money to afford all the bags I want to buy off Bloomingdales rack. 
18. My other fetish are shoes. I get rid of shoes often but if I didn’t my collection would be massive. 
19. I enjoy reading. I think it’s something I picked up from my late grandmother. I haven’t read a book in a while but I’ll get to that soon. 
20. My favorite color is orange. 
21. I have a weird phobia about sidewalk grass. Well living in NYC and maybe the pollution is out of control, I feel like anything can be in the grass. I start itching on sight.  
22. I’ve lived in the Bronx my whole life but I’m trying to move to Brooklyn. Battle of the boroughs. No one from the Bronx likes Brooklyn but ME! Lol
23. My favorite food may be pasta. I can have that all day. Doesn’t help my diet either but oh well.
24. My favorite soda is Pepsi so if you want to send me anything send me some Pepsi lol. 
25. This is the hardest post I have ever written. It took me a whole month to actually write this! I think I’m still learning myself. Sometimes you think you know but you have no idea. I’m sure there are other things that will come to mind. I’ll probably make this an annual post. Because we change as time does. 
Dear to challenge yourself? What are some facts about you? 

One thought on “25 Things About ME!”

  1. So I am pretty sure that you and I would get along since we could watch Waiting to Exhale, head to a mall to shop for bags while listening to Donny Hathaway… and then go to S'Mac in midtown to have some pasta. 🙂 SOunds perfect to me!


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