Happy April

Eight days late but at least I’m acknowledging my birth month! 
Aries baby!
I’ve been out of commission literally. 
I’ve gotten my wisdom teeth pulled a  couple of weeks ago and I’m still suffering from an infection. My birthday is on the 11th and they want to remove stitches that day. No fun at all. But that won’t stop me from partying like a rockstar since it’s something I rarely do. 
I plan on going out to a lounge in The city, hang out with friends, and eat food. Usually my many groups of friends are always planning something to do. So assuming that for the next couple of weeks I’ll be busy. But I love occasions and celebrations. 
I’m turning 25! Such a small number but huge value. Well to my mother I’m still 10 so I have no say about anything in my own life without her approval. I’m dead serious. But as she stated the last few loving arguments, “even when your 50 I’m still your mother so you’ll never be grown”. Well, I have realized I have no children and I’ll always count on her opinion about things because she’s my mother. 
I have a couple of post that I’m dedicating to my narcism. But I do invite everyone to join the fun. Ive been writing a post since last month and I think it’s an eye opener and a challenge for me to learn myself. But look out for it in a few days. 
Are you celebrating a birthday this month? What’s on the agenda?


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