Days like this….

Every single day, I’ve managed to create a different version to explain how I’ve been feeling this week. I get on the train, open my notepad in my phone and start typing but as of lately, my grass ain’t been that green.

I’m currently sitting on a bench on Broadway Avenue, on the upper west side of Manhattan realizing this shit. I’m overwhelmed and my shoulder is hurting. Something new that I didn’t realize until now, when my shoulder hurts I’m stressed as hell. I remember this because just last year August around the same time my shoulder and neck was on fire.
I was starting a new job that I wasn’t familiar with, I had no money, I was going through hair crisis, and my love life was in shambles. One year later and why the hell is history repeating itself?
Today, I’m at a new job although I have experience, I’m cleaning up shop. Someone got their ass in trouble and I’m hired to fix this bullshit. Which is a huge task within it’s self because I’m alone and my superiors don’t know shit. I’m the only one knowledgable of the work, but I’m given task with deadlines on day four, WTF!, and I’m in salary talks with my director although I’m working. Last but not least, my love life is still in shambles. <- this one is surely an upcoming post.
Thinking things through, I’ve come to see that it didn’t take much time to get back to happy last year. I started going to the gym, ate healthier, prayed for direction, and learned to managed what I could handle. Somewhere in my mind I’m trying to find this balance again. So after some quality time with friends in Philadelphia this weekend, I’ll be able to re-evaluate.
What are something’s you’ve done to get back to happy?

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