So you got married….. and didn’t invite me

This is not the way that I wanted to express any post this month. I had it all figure out and stuff. Excited to post and BOOM!

  1. I got sick for two weeks
  2. Missed work and had an audit in a few days of returning
  3. And then I’ve been “spending quality time with my mister“, so I haven’t been home.

These shouldn’t but an excuse but I’ll publish those post later.

So I’m editing the life out of this post just to have it extremely detailed. Disclaimer : I’m bias! So I don’t care!

So my best friend and I happened to be discussing the plans for her upcoming wedding for 2015. From the colors, the venue, the official date, and the wedding party. While discussing the bridal party, she starts listing the woman that will be apart of her big day. As she starts, she’s absolutely sure her maid of honor is her, sister, up next is me, her cousin, and then she halted. She continues to express,

“I don’t know who else to choose as a bridesmaid because I feel that if you weren’t apart of the union you don’t need to be standing in my wedding”. 

I believe in it too but, tell me if I am wrong. I value all opinions here.

She continues and says a friend from high school. But let me clarify this for you, they met when she relocated and started school upstate. They were so close, it was as if they were best friends. ( SHADE thrown when someone else calls your best friend there’s). So as the years went on, both women grew up and found love! It’s a Beautiful thing. BUT somethings started to go left. My Bff’s friend starts to keep things to minimal about the relationship she was having with this man. It went from, I met him threw a friend to, we went on vacation to, I’m engaged! We were all like what? Where does he come from? Where he live at? You know his family? Do you feel like that this is your life partner?  Let the chips fall as they may, congratulations girl. Now it gets interesting. My Bff and her friend are conversing on the phone and she tells her that she’s getting married immediately and will have a bigger wedding next year. OKAY. My Bff gives her a simple suggestion of having a small beach wedding in Miami, where he was living  at the time, instead of thinking big. Her family immediate family can there, and so can his. But she tells her no and that they’ll be getting married at the justice of the peace! Cool! Congrats when that happens. A few weeks later, my Bff goes on instagram to browsing during free time, and finds out her friend got married the beach!!! Wait what?

Okay here goes the Bias,

Um, girl you wouldn’t even see my invitation. We could have never been friends that you really didn’t invite me to your wedding but on top of that, you didn’t tell me that you were at least getting married on this day of the year? WOW. But I have a similar situation, and just to simplify it, she got married in the church I introduced her to, where she reconnected with the man she married, and the friend that  I introduced to her was at the wedding and not I. We didn’t fight or anything, I was speaking to the girl and everything, but I wasn’t invited to the wedding.

So, a little help here, would you put this woman in your bridal party? (SHADE given)


One thought on “So you got married….. and didn’t invite me”

  1. Personally, I wouldn't. I've seen people put women in their bridal party just for the sake of having a large bridal party but for me when I get married, my personal preference is to keep it small because I want the women beside to represent women who have molded me, supported me, women who I have not only bonded with but maintain a strong bond with despite time, distance, daily lives, etc. From this post, I don't gather that that is the kind of relationship that has developed if you have to go on social media to figure out big news. If numbers are important to you, sure. But if you just want women there who have actively been a part of your life, I wouldn't.


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