Missing voices…..

I truly wish that the children of this generation really understood what Dr. King stood for. On Instagram, Facebook, and twitter all day, people gave recognition to the KING. It was a beautiful thing to see but, the only thing about it was that, the pictures that were shared aren’t the story.

Photography only holds the moments. They don’t carry the story. The way to carry the story is by reiterating it. Where are the voices? The people who can make magic believable?

We no longer have activist with big enough voices to carry the story to our youth. Death after death, injustice after injustice, yet no one gets up and makes a difference. The children don’t understand how big of a voice  Dr. King had, and one that they stole from us. The strength that it took to gather so many people. The dedication that it took for us to be able to sit in classrooms in any seat available. We still have some talking to do, we aren’t fully equal but, we’re not as divided as we use to be.

Not to sell any of today’s activist short of what they believe in, but where are you? Lets be honest, the only time I may see you is if its a paid conference, a university graduation, a supreme court case, or some unfair injustice thats in media demand. Where are you in our communities? Walk the streets, shake hands, hell smoke a cigarette and talk about life, do something other than the media.

If you didn’t already know, I live in New York City, the city of the hype. Manhattan is nice, but not all parts of Brooklyn, or the Bronx, or Queens, but those place don’t get recognition. Why, because of the media. The greatest city in the world, Nope. It’s fun for site seeing, and traveling, but come on the train with me, lets count all the homeless people, let me take you to where they sell drugs, let me show you how one block radius make a difference in your status. Its just sickening.

I work by 125th and Lexington, Harlem USA, Drug infested, and a huge amount of homeless persons due to the multiple shelters in the vicinity. I got off the train one day and waited for the bus to take me to work, and Bill Thompson who was running for Mayor in 2013 happened to be on the corner. Laughing, handing out fliers, and shaking hands. But just steps away from him lays a man, passed out on the pavement, blue in the face. A pedestrian mentioned to one of his colleagues about the man laying on the floor. His colleague then whispers in Thompson’s ear of this matter, and all that man did was walk away. No 911, nothing.

He’s suppose to be a voice, instead he’s only doing this for the media. I could’ve video recorded the whole incident and sent it off to world star. But no I did not. I’m not even into all that mess to begin with, and second he’ll have his day in court with his maker.

We need more voices. Someone needs to live out the dream, remind everyone how far we came from and how much further we have to go.


3 thoughts on “Missing voices…..”

  1. I definitely agree with a lot of what you're saying. My dad and I had a similar conversation recently about how there is not really any prominent social activists that are black who are looking for the advancement of our community like there was back in the Civil Rights Movement. He says that our generation has gotten really comfortable probably because we didn't experience the degree of hardship that our ancestors did so we think that the change is infinitely large when in all actuality there is still a lot that can be done. We do need more voices out there.


  2. I'm from NYC too, and it's sad to see the state of things. I agree with what you said about activists not being present and only on the media–to me it turns out to be a big joke. Dr. King was a great figure because he was also human. He touched humans with his story and his words. I'm sure there are so many things he said that was inspiring that was not even recorded, but it inspired someone! That bit about Thompson though is sad–how come you don't even turn around and help a person out?


  3. I see the same thing in Georgia. I make it a point to share these messages with my children. It seems to go in one ear and out the other. I hope that some of it is absorbed and that some day they understand.


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