Hey Y’all

I must say after much time away that I’ve officially got my act together. As some of you can see I haven’t disappear completely. I still follow and comment. But I’d like to say I missed you guys. I was on an all out rant with everything and just wanted to change a lot. They do say, don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. I went from switching blogs, to creating new ones, to realizing that I can just start over where I feel more comfortable. I loved this blog so I didn’t want to completely get rid of it. Instead I decided to change the name, re-create, and get back to sharing my life. 
After catching up with other blogs and they were going through the same feeling, I just decided to take this to the next level and figure out what I wanted this blog to be. I’m not a fashion designer, I love fashion but that isn’t for me. I love natural hair, but I can barely maintain my own, so its not for me. But what I can share here are my life experiences! What I like, What I love, and What I Conquered!
Welcome to She Conquered!

What have you Conquered today?

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