Social Standby

Hello my other family.
Sorry for neglecting you and not keeping my promise but I must be honest enough to say I haven’t had it in me too much to stop by. I’m barely on instagram and I get crucified about that as well. See a lot of people clearly don’t understand I have a job. So during the day I can’t be on instagram and other social media sites. And during my social life I rather not continuously check in with social media. I like technology but I don’t love it. I can barely keep up with text messages much less. Please bare with me. These things just aren’t that important to me. But I will try to be more active on my blog. 
Since the new year has arrived I’ve been trying to keep up with resolutions. Some don’t believe in resolutions but its the best time to start fresh. And I try to keep my promise especially when I’m dedicated and determined to do so.
I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds since I started my weight lost goal. It feels great. I get to relieve my stress on the elliptical and battle my weight lost goal at the same damn time. Its such a beautiful thing. I just came to realize that, any changes I want to make have to be within me. And this is one goal I know I’ll stick to. My other goals are coming together. Between the gym and going out more than usual I really have no time. I try to stay in on Sundays but I can’t give up an opportunity to have fun. I’m young and I personally don’t think I live enough. So I said before my maker calls me home I must use this time to live. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow so why wait? When I’m out with friends, or at the gym, around my family, and with the love of my life (my lavish bed), these are the only times I’m at ease! We can all relate! And besides work is another post to discuss. 
What’s new in your world?

What have you Conquered today?

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