One day Late.. Sorry

Hey Yall! Its February! Beautiful winter in NYC.. scary but I’m not complaining. Black history month it is and yesterday we’ve lost the late great Don Cornelius.

9.27.1936 – 2.1.2012
He’ll be truly missed and never forgotten.

Its February, and its time to do something new. Every month is a different opportunity presented. 
So I first seen this on instagram and instantly wanted to participate in #FEBPHOTOADAY. 
If your interested in this well come on! Click the pic and register on her page or on instagram for us iPhone, ipad, and ipod users. I’ll be happy once android gets the app though. 

Keep up with the post loves.
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Let it out!!!!!

Its Monday loves. It’s a rainy day in NYC so I’m more sleepy than anything. Winter will drag all kinds of moods out of me I swear. We had snow over the weekend and I’m actually happy that it did. Last snow storm we had was in October and I wasn’t feeling that too much. Made me really think about global warming. The air is much cleaner since the snow, although New York air is horrible! I can tell the difference in the air when it doesn’t snow.

So in my new years eve post, I expressed that I was going to lose some weight for the new year and I’ve really been trying to push this diet. I have been successful. I’ve lost 10 pounds!!!!! YESSSSS! With a combination of exercise and healthier eating, I lost some weight. Its been three weeks in! So I’m working. It’s good to know your body, so take care of it. Being diagnosed with PCOS is something. So for me to be healthier I have to work hard to change this weight issue and I’m not stopping!

This is breakfast! And its Wonderful! Just one cup! So Try it out ladies. It’s just another healthier choice in the morning than your usual fast food. I’m happy with my choices!

How was your weekend? Any resolutions working out in your favor so far this year?

Relaxed Tuesday’s

A rainy day in New York is rather sluggish and slow, usually causing traffic so the first thing on my mind would be to stay home. And that I did. I don’t encourage anyone to skip out on work but my excuse was rather different than the usual.

Its been a long 5 years since I’ve lost my grandmother on this cold 17th of January. So I decided to be around people that made me smile.

She’s at peace, I know that she’s in a better place.

My understanding has become better over the years. No tears, no sadness, no stress.

In honor of her, I look back on her life and the values she has taught me. A reminder of the woman I’ve become. Realizing how much she’s still apart of me and always will be.

Thank you M.E.J your dearly missed, and today I Relaxed.


Hey lovesss!

I’ve been out of the loop and yes I do apologize. Interpersonal issues and some that interfere with my business world. Wishing that can be reversed and hopefully it does soon.

I said I was working on some changes for  2012.

So with that much being said as of today I’ll be doing a blog series.

  • Let It OUT Monday’s
  • Relaxed Tuesday’s
  • Blog Finds Wednesday’s
  • Quotable Thursday’s
  • Fab Friday’s

Let it out Monday’s will be about all the frustrations of my past week or any topics that do happen to make me tick some .. -_-

Relaxed Tuesday’s will be about different relaxation remedies that I’ve found from other bloggers, and magazines, or my personal relaxation remedies.

Blog Find Wednesday’s will be about all the Fabulous finds that I find from other bloggers. From nail polish to shoes! Even some buys from the bloggers with online shops! It’s all about support!

Quotable Thursday’s will be about a quote that I’ve found that has influenced me. It’s just like a smile, pass it on. I’ve seen somethings that have made my days much different through reading.

Last But not least, Fab Friday’s.. So I made an awkward commitment to go out more often, which I haven’t been doing much of but I promised myself. This would be a description of the experience or a series of photos.

Hopefully all runs smoothly and you enjoy it!!!