May was for Planning

I spent most of my month sending emails, conference calls, webinars, adding important dates to my calendar, completing papers, and mapping out my finances before the new school year approaches. I attended a beautiful wedding and partied memorial day weekend away with my 3 month old niece.
Within this time, I’m hoping that all of the above would distract me from the big leap I took at the end of April, but not so much. Why? Because love just doesn’t disappear, moments need time to become memories, and the heart wants what it wants even when it needs to heal. On the long bumpy journey that I spent with the man I once thought I would marry, I’ve learned that you create your own happiness, love is a choice, we failed at learning how to fight well because I wish we knew how to mutually deal with conflict amongst each other, emotions are dangerous, feelings are temporary, visons are powerful, hope will always be at my core, acceptance is key, growth is necessary, honesty is vital, forgiveness is a process, and peace is free.

Jill Scott expressed in an interview once that crying felt so freeing to her. Well can I be honest and say that crying hasn’t happened much over on this side of my world lately until last week Thursday. After a 5-minute check in with my supervisor and her genuine concern about my well-being, I was crying my eyes out. People who genuinely care about you can see when you’re in pain. She shared kind words and affirmations to help through this seemingly never ending transitional part of my life right now. It was the best cry I’ve had since last year, SO FREEING. I spoke about support systems in a previous post and saying that they aren’t always family, and can I tell you it’s the truth, we have to be open to the people that are placed in our lives. I’ve been moving so much that I’m lacking sleep, and I need to recharge. BUT, not right now, although I’ll try to soon enough.
As this month comes to a close, due to my overly booked/modified work schedule and now GRE prep, my domestic travels are on hold. The only place I will be visiting in June is Maryland to see my niece, unless I can magically make Jamaica happen in August. However, I’m currently researching my first international SOLO trip to TRINIDAD. Why? I have no idea, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll be in Mexico this coming September/October (God willing).

Ready for the summer, what do you have planned in June?

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