So Let’s Talk

I had the best Saturday in a few weeks. We all need a little love sometimes and the energy of the day was well received. The day was full of laughter, old stories, and letting out the deep thoughts. From family, life, love, and all the in-betweens. Genuine friendships are good for that.
Originally, the plan was to stop by the jeweler, pick up some dinner, then buy some flowers, and head back home.

As I walked through the farmer’s market in union square park, I was adamant about purchasing sunflowers but none were in sight. After walking a few more blocks, I sighted a bunch at a local flower stand. I couldn’t understand my determination about finding the flower until I thought about this mother’s day post that was going around on mother’s day. The post had different type of flowers that you’d give to women on mother’s day. To get to the point, women yearning for children you give sunflowers to.

I’m different now from who I was last year. I’m not sure if it’s because I think I may be losing my mother sooner than I want, or the last time I took a pregnancy test that I wished was positive, or maybe I may be ready for this chapter in my life to start, or coming to acceptance with the chapter that I think has officially closed, but forgiving-forgetting-healing, and growth has me yearning for more.

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