XXX + one day

DSC_8028I created this post about 10 different times between my laptop and the notes section in my iPhone. Trying to be as transparent as possible without getting into the semantics I started to type about. All the love, loss, grief, sorrow, sadness, the things not easily forgettable about my twenties. You know, the hard lessons that still come up every few years that you need to teach yourself how to cope with based on the new you? Yeah that kind of stuff. Continue reading “XXX + one day”



It’s 3:25 AM and would you believe that I just hosted over 10 people in my studio apartment, just packed my bags for a quick trip to Dallas, cleaned my entire kitchen, swept my floors, mopped my floors, and I need to be in a Uber by 4:15 AM to get to my 6:05 AM flight all while running on about 5 hours of sleep?  Continue reading “#YEAR29”


I knew for a few months what picture I wanted to post on social media to let the world I’m another year wiser. Because we all become wiser when we are willing to learn and teach others about ourselves.
Reflecting over the year, there are a few things I can say I’ve learned and taught others;
Patience and Forgiveness.
I turned 28 on my way home from work on the 2 train and I smiled to myself because there was a peace that I had in that moment, like “Shit is good” kind of peace.