It’s 3:25 AM and would you believe that I just hosted over 10 people in my studio apartment, just packed my bags for a quick trip to Dallas, cleaned my entire kitchen, swept my floors, mopped my floors, and I need to be in a Uber by 4:15 AM to get to my 6:05 AM flight all while running on about 5 hours of sleep? 

I started my day transparent. For over a week I would re-read and add to my birthday picture caption on Instagram. It wasn’t as detailed as I would had liked it to be but it was telling more than I usually do. I was telling a truth that I kept to myself because I feared the unknown that may come from it. Maybe backlash but it turned out to be the opposite. I spent most of my morning in silence, went for a long walk around the neighborhood, openly struck up conversations with random people about my birthday and the culture shock I experienced living in my neighborhood, let youtube watch me as I napped, and ever so often checked my phone for birthday notifications.

I’m moving day by day in hopes that I’ll slow down soon enough to be more present. Talking to my supporters and the people who love me, has given me insight in a way that I could not see before. I am content to say the least but I need to be more in the moment. Somedays it still seems like I’m the only help I have. So, maybe the lordt will bless me with a partner that will help be slow down some when Grad school starts, cause right now isn’t the time to stop, I think.

Cheers to #YEAR29 and for all the major wins coming, I think I’m going to be okay this time around.

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2 thoughts on “#YEAR29

  1. I know we messaged each other on the gram but stopping by wish you Happy Birthday again Amanda Nicole! Hope you made it to Dallas safe and that you’re able to catch up on what sounds like some much needed sleep. xo


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