Hello May

Hello May! 
For personal reasons, I’m ready for you to end.  
I ended April by taking a random day trip to Maryland for business/family visit. I seen my niece for the first time and lets just say that we’re best FRIENDS! Leaving New York City is teaching me everyday that living here is not forever but will always be home. I’ve been super planning since my return. Let’s just say I’m aiming for Summer 2018 to move my life, it’s time.
Now that school is “almost over”, I am able to do some well needed research on self care and wellness. I’ve read somewhere that it is normal to need human touch and I sure did get a Swedish massage this morning because it’s the closest thing I’ll get to human touch for awhile. Lordt knows I needth that massage!
I deactivated my personal social media accounts to give myself a well deserved break. I need to focus and I hate to be distracted. I’ll admit, the lying on social media sometimes gets me, at times I think that I missing out or messing up. Taking this break is teaching me again to TRUST GOD’s TIMING.
Seeking another domestic location to see. If I back track, ATL, NOLA, TEXAS, and The BAY are on the list. Maybe ATL in June and The Bay in July, Texas in August, and NOLA in September, it’s an idea, we’ll see.

New post coming soon, any plans for May?

Fear, Being Honest about It

Yesterday, after laying in bed for an extra 30 minutes, called the transitchek company to inquire about my metro card (which was an unsuccessful call), snuggles into my purple robe, bathroom visit, heads into the kitchen to make a fried egg with waffles and a cup of tea, I sat and watched my daily dose of YouTube and had breakfast.
If you call and hear my television, I’m most likely watching YouTube. I’m obsessed. It’s been this way for awhile. I’m subscribed to family, hair, and vlogging channels. That’s the stuff I care to see because it’s refreshing to not see the ratchet happenings of the stuff displayed on cable.

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