I woke up in thought this morning. Rummaging through what I would like to say but unsure how to say it. I find ease in the silence of the morning but fear in where the silence may lead my thoughts. Let me explain:

A few seconds ago, I made a tough decision to stop following a fellow blogger because of my thoughts and where they lead me when I read or see any of her post. Why? Because awkwardly she reminds me of pain.


Since then my thoughts have led me to an unforeseen mood, convincing myself to get out the house, asking myself if I watered one of my plants enough or if I really want steak for dinner, should I ask my friends to come over just to keep me company, and finally – why are you not writing?

I’m not a writer but I started this blog because at some point in 2011, I felt the urge to jot down my thoughts/experiences.

So, I’m writing to release today.

Published by Amanda

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One thought on “W R I T E

  1. Writing is very hard and this is coming from someone who enjoys it. I have made it my personal duty to write at least once a month now, even if it’s about something I don’t think anyone would care about. It’s just to get me into the habit.


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