Hey Y’all

I must say after much time away that I’ve officially got my act together. As some of you can see I haven’t disappear completely. I still follow and comment. But I’d like to say I missed you guys. I was on an all out rant with everything and just wanted to change a lot. They do say, don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. I went from switching blogs, to creating new ones, to realizing that I can just start over where I feel more comfortable. I loved this blog so I didn’t want to completely get rid of it. Instead I decided to change the name, re-create, and get back to sharing my life.

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Weekend Wrap Up :Birthday girl 24 years young

April 11th was my birthday, so over the weekend I celebrated with close friends although that’s not what I really wanted to do but I enjoyed myself. My friends treated me to Hibachi, Italian brunch, the Bronx famous Johnny’s in city island, and even made me dinner. I felt so special being that my mood was out the roof these past few weeks. I’m fortunate for all that I have received and for those whom unconditionally show me how much they love me. I am planning on celebrating my 25th in Australia next year. But for now I’m just feeling out 24 years of young.
What was your weekend wrap, what was your birthday like or do you have upcoming plans?