Sandy and her baggage….

Hey Blog loves…

You guys know I’m in New York. This has been a trying week.

Sandy came and left her things behind.

A tree fell and knocked out 8 light poles the block behind me and put us out of electricity for 5 days. I just got back power at 6am this morning. I jumped out of bed like a child on Christmas morning. AMEN!!!!

I’ll be honest this one week taught me a lot about people and technology.

I really realized that I don’t need technology because I don’t really care to watch TV, use Instagram, or even talk/text, (Although I did upload I didn’t care to browse) but I now know that some of the people I thought would’ve been considerate enough to see if my family and I were okay, didn’t attempt.

But we Survived and I will sleep comfortably tonight.

Good bye June, Hello July!!!

I’m a hot mess sorry. I haven’t written a post since May and for reasons I couldn’t begin to state. But I’m back and I’m here to stay. I wouldn’t want to use my blog to complain about every day things in my life, although I should use my blog for my personal reason, but I’ve learned over the last couple of months that somethings are better left unsaid. I come to realize that it is absolutely okay to completely cut people off, say no, ignore calls, when I’m upset keep it to myself, treat myself, go out more, and be more about me! I’ve been through some tough times these last few weeks. I’ve reconnected with some old friends, made new ones, and lost some.

Just these past few weeks have made me a much better person regardless the circumstance. Its just a part of my hiding. So please bare with me things will be much different believe me. I’ve been checking on all of you. I have a lot more to come loves! Summer is here!

It’s Monday!!!!

Those who work the five day work like I do, We sure hate Monday’s. But at least my weekend was beautiful! With this up and down New York City weather it makes my weekends amazing until we get some snow.

To Update some… Yes yall our home girl Beyonce had her baby! Blue Ivy. Congrats Girl!!!! Remember my baby shower gift LOL. We shout out to her, Mr. Carter, and Baby Carter.

Well to make my Monday a little better Love and Hip Hop is on tonight. That will add some excitement until next weekend. But I have some opinions about last nights show of Mob Wives. I’m not a reality TV junkie but somethings I will watch and this show has caught me for a loop. Is it just me? Drita is a mess. I’m not feeling her. And whether or not Karen claims where the situation stands about friendship, you couldn’t marry my ex of 7 years and not tell me. They were still friends just grew apart. We all have those friends that we were close to and things happened through out the years. That’s pretty much what happened. So WHAT if Karen was cheating on him, that’s not your damn business but you fell in love with my ex and married him and couldn’t find a way to tell me all this? I should have been on that show. I would’ve threw her off the roof myself. I’m exaggerating. But I can be wrong maybe?

What do you feel about the Drita and Karen situation?