Weekend Wrap up

Just to clear the thick air, I can’t keep pretending that I’m as focused as I’d like to be. I’m all over the place and in a zone that feels like confusion. So once again I’m a loner. I’m like Monica, it’s just one of those days. Don’t fault me for this at all. But as for my weekend, I spent some time catching up on reading your blogs on Saturday, which I’m always trying to do that as much as possible to show I’m still alive. But Sunday I decided to go to forbidden lands. 

My friend got us Mets tickets for an early birthday gift. Great gesture but,
I’m so Yankees and he’s so Mets its disgusting.

It is a subway series worth watching but It was really nice of him. I did enjoy myself. They won so it was worth it and since I’m from New York I had to root for them silently. 
What was your agenda this week?

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One thought on “Weekend Wrap up

  1. I was there last weekend. We had great seats but that wind??? umm NO! lol I'll have a special on field level seats for April 28th's game if he wants to go back next week on the blog 🙂


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