It’s that time of year again. I throughly go through my chest of drawers and closets in my apartment to discard anything that I haven’t touched in months or looks like clutter. I think about the colors around me and immediately change the color scheme. It’s like nail polish, you choose it based on your mood. Despite the white, I wanted something bright to add to my darker mood. My love/hate relationship with New York City does this to me. It just feels right to always want to change something, since it will always be a forever changing city, I may as well change too.

It has finally registered that we’re in the home stretch to end this very emotional year, expect, only a few things are set to change. You know, things like political outcomes and the weather. But not much else. Some mornings I’m okay and others I find myself wanting the life I was living last year. I just miss human connection. I found myself wrapped in someone’s hug and I didn’t know I needed it. I’m not really a hugger but IT FELT GOOD. I guess that’s officially changed too. What I would do to hug some people again, but some of them are in heaven, God isn’t ready for me yet.

Currently, I’ve been trying to adjust to my new normal of everything being remote. Work – School – Communication. I found myself purchasing an iPad and setting up a work station to be able to do all of this from home (not pictured) and it’s a process within itself. I’m selfish for assuming that you all aren’t experiencing this too. Bare with me, I’m venting. I try to keep up with organization in my apartment to maintain a balance, some days I’m thriving.

Closing out the year, I’m looking forward to a getaway with friends in November, seeing my niece aka good sis next month, the holidays (it’s been awhile since I’ve spent the holidays with my folks), completing the first semester of grad school, and finishing this year stronger than I started. I’m conquering the year of challenge! What are you anticipating next?

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8 thoughts on “Mood

  1. your apartment looks so cute and cozy – i love it! crazy that we’ve (almost) made it through this year. this year has felt like a decade long. congrats on the first semester of grad school!!


  2. “Some mornings I’m okay and others I find myself wanting the life I was living last year.”
    I have been trying to figure out this feeling that I’ve been feeling and this is it. I miss that part of my life so much and sometimes it’s so hard to get used to a life that’s so much different from that now.

    Wishing you well as 2020 comes to an end. And congrats on getting through the first semester of grad school babe!


  3. I love the way your place looks! I feel like I may need to change up a few things in my own place. I’ve always been a dark-colored scheme kind of girl but I think because of the depressive state of 2020, it’s starting to have undesirable effects on my moods.


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